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This page lists all of Magna Carta's releases, grouped by artist. To sort by release date, click here. Scroll to find your favorite artist's CDs:

Mercy (Magna Carta) - more

Andy West with Rama
Rama 1 (Magna Carta MA-9061-2) - more

Attention Deficit
The Idiot King (Magna Carta MA-9054-2) - more
Attention Deficit
(Magna Carta MA-9022-2) - more

Bozzio Levin Stevens
Situation Dangerous (Magna Carta MA-9049-2) - more
Black Light Syndrome
(Magna Carta MA-9019-2) - more

Time of Legends (Magna Carta MA-9044-2) - more
Conflict & Dreams
(Magna Carta MA-9012-2) - more
(Magna Carta MA-1081-2) - more

Caliban (Magna Carta MA-9030-2) - more

The Clinton Administration
One Nation Under a Re-Groove (Magnatude) - more

Dali's Dilemma
Manifesto for Futurism (Magna Carta MA-9024-2) - more

David Lee Roth
Diamond Dave (Magna Carta MA-9069-2) - more

The December People
Sounds Like Christmas (Magna Carta MA-9025-2) - more

Derek Sherinian
Planet X (Magna Carta MA-9036-2) - more

Wounded (Magna Carta MA-9020-2) - more
A Blueprint of the World
(Magna Carta MA-9006-2) - more

Explorers Club
Raising the Mammoth (Magna Carta MA-9046-2) - more
Age of Impact
(Magna Carta MA-9021-2) - more

Ice Age
Liberation (Magna Carta MA-9051-2) - more
The Great Divide
(Magna Carta MA-9028-2) - more

James LaBrie's Mullmuzzler
Mullmuzzler 2 (Magna Carta MA-9056-2) - more
Keep It To Yourself
(Magna Carta MA-9039-2) - more

Jordan Rudess
4NYC (Magna Carta MA-0911-2) - more
Feeding the Wheel
(Magna Carta MA-9055-2) - more

Somewhere to Elsewhere (Magna Carta MA-9050-2) - more

Lemur Voice
Insights (Magna Carta MA-9015-2) - more

Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (Magna Carta MA-9035-2) - more
Liquid Tension Experiment
(Magna Carta MA-9023-2) - more

The Lonely Bears
The Bears Are Running (Magna Carta MA-9806) - more
Injustice (Magna Carta MA-9805) - more
The Lonely Bears
(Magna Carta MA-9804) - more
The Best of The Lonely Bears
(PSR-9801) - more

Hundred Year Flood (Magna Carta MA-9045-2) - more
Test of Wills
(Magna Carta MA-9008-2) - more
Impending Ascension
(Magna Carta MA-1080-2) - more

Niacin Live - Blood Sweat & Beers (Magna Carta) - more
Time Crunch
(Magna Carta MA-9059-2) - more
(Magna Carta MA-9048-2) - more

Robert Berry
A Soundtrack for The Wheel of Time (Magna Carta MA-9052-2) - more

Robert Walter's 20th Congress
Giving Up The Ghost (Magnatude MT-2302-2) - more

Royal Hunt
Double Live in Japan (Magna Carta MA-9037-2) - more
Moving Target
(Magna Carta MA-9027-2) - more
(Magna Carta MA-9017-2) - more

Elements of Anger (FLX-8001) - more

Sam Rivers
Configuration (PSR-9803) - more

Shadow Gallery
Legacy (Magna Carta MA-9047-2) - more
(Magna Carta MA-9016-2) - more
Carved in Stone (Magna Carta MA-9001-2) - more
Shadow Gallery
(Magna Carta MA-0002-2) - more

Simon Phillips
Another Lifetime (Magna Carta MA-9033-2) - more

Steve Morse
Major Impacts (Magna Carta MA-9042-2) - more

Steve Morse Band
Split Decision (Magna Carta MA-9058-2) - more

Stripsearch (Magna Carta MA-9064-2) - more

Steve Walsh
Glossolalia (Magna Carta MA-9805) - more

Shapeshifter (Magna Carta MA-9066-2) - more
(Magna Carta MA-9053-2) - more
The 10th Anniversary Compilation
(Magna Carta MA-9034-2) - more
The Gravel Walk
(Magna Carta MA-9018-2) - more
Turn of the Wheel
(Magna Carta MA-9007-2) - more

Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan
Nine Short Films (Magna Carta MA-9062-2) - more

Presents of Mind (Magna Carta MA-9038-2) - more

Tony Hymas
Oyate (PSR-9802) - more

Under The Sun
Under The Sun (Magna Carta MA-9041-2) - more

Sonic Residue from Vapourspace (Magna Carta MA-9057-2) - more

World Trade
Euphoria (Magna Carta MA-9005-2) - more

Original Cast Recording
Leonardo - The Absolute Man (Magna Carta MA-9029-2) - more

Various Artists
Frog Pest Tree (Magna Carta MA-9031-2)
Frog Pest Fore
(Magna Carta MA-9031-2) - more
Six Pack Multi-Artist Radio Sampler
(Magna Carta MA-9040-2)
Steinway to Heaven - Keyboard Hall of Fame Vol 1
(Magna Carta MA-9011-2) - more
Tribute to the Titans - Tributes Sampler
(Magna Carta MA-9032-2) - more

Various Artists (ELP Tribute)
Encores, Legends & Paradox (Magna Carta MA-9026-2) - more

Various Artists (Rush Tribute)
Working Man (Magna Carta MA-9010-2) - more

Various Artists (Jethro Tull Tribute)
To Cry You A Song (Magna Carta MA-9009-2) - more

Various Artists (Genesis Tribute)
Supper's Ready (Magna Carta MA-9004-2) - more

Various Artists (Yes Tribute)
Tales from Yesterday (Magna Carta MA-9003-2) - more

Various Artists (Pink Floyd Tribute)
The Moon Revisited (Magna Carta MA-9002-2) - more

Nine Short Films

Legendary players of mammoth proportions, drummer Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Bozzio Levin Stevens, etc) and bassist Billy Sheehan (Niacin, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) join forces to create Nine Short Films. Click here for more information!