Glen Drover

• Glen Drover - Guitar and Vocals
• Jim Gilmour - Keyboards
• Paul Yee - Bass
• Chris Sutherland- Drums

Special Guests:
• Chris Poland: Guitar - "Metalusion"
• Vinnie Moore: Guitar - "Metalusion"
• Steve Smyth: Guitar - "Metalusion"
• Fredrik Akesson: Guitar - "Metalusion"
• Jeff Loomis: Guitar - "Metalusion"
• Dave Martone: Guitar - "Live At Metalworks"

With the release of his solo debut, Metalusion, guitarist Glen Dover, best known for his precision and power playing with headbanger icons Megadeth and Eidolon, blends the venom and attack of modern metal and the technically demanding musicianship that defines the classic jazz-rock genre.

“Live At Metalworks” captures audio/video performances by Dave Martone and Glen Drover which were streamed live over the internet on September 25, 2011. This show was viewed by over 25,000 people in over 63 countries around the World.


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