Modern Drummer Magazine Presents Drum Nation Volume 1
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July 1, 2009: Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol. 2
Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol. 2 (Magna Carta) - more

May 19, 2009: OHMphrey
OHMPhrey- "OHMphrey" (Magna Carta) - more

March 24, 2009: Ethan Brosh
Ethan Brosh - "Out Of Oblivion" (Magna Carta) - more

February 10, 2009: Guitars That Ate My Brain
Guitars That Ate My Brain (Magna Carta) - more

January 13, 2009: Kris Norris
Kris Norris - "Icons Of The Illogical" (Magna Carta) - more

December 15, 2008: Kris Norris
Kris Norris - "The Ghostly Shell" [Special Edition Download EP] (Magna Carta) - more

October 21, 2008: Martone
Martone - "Clean" (Magna Carta) - more

March 25, 2008: Tempest
Tempest - Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) - more

October 24, 2007: Lief Sorbye
Lief Sorbye - Birthday Bash (Magna Carta)- more

6/24/2008:James LaBrie
James LaBrie: Prime Cuts (Magna Carta)-more

6/10/2008:Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment Vinyl LP (Magna Carta) - more

5/20/2008: Royal Hunt
Royal Hunt - Collision Course: Paradox II (Magna Carta)- more

3/4/2008:Steve Stevens
Steve Stevens - Memory Crash (Magna Carta)- more

3/4/2008: Bill Cutler
Bill Cutler - Crossing the Line (Magnatude Records) - more

11/20/2007: Dug Pinnick
Dug Pinnick - Strum Sum Up (Magna Carta) - more

10/23/2007:Liquid Trio Experiment
Liquid Trio Experiment - Spontaneous Combustion (Magna Carta)- more

10/23/2007: Michael Lee Firkins
Michael Lee Firkins - Blacklight Sonatas (Magnatude Records) - more

10/9/2007:School Of The Arts
School Of The Arts - School Of The Arts (Magnatude Records) - more

9/11/2007: Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess - The Road Home (Magna Carta) - more

9/11/2007:Oz Noy
Oz Noy - Fuzzy (Magnatude Records) - more

8/28/2007: Shadow Gallery
Shadow Gallery: Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) - more

8/28/2007: Derdian
Derdian - New Era Pt 2: War Of The Gods (Magna Carta) - more

April 24, 2007:Guitar Greats
Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol 1 (Magna Carta Records) - more

April17, 2007:
Michael Lee Firkins
Michael Lee Firkins - "In The Studio, In Progress" (Magnatude Records)

April17, 2007:
Alex Skolnick Trio
Alex Skolnick Trio - "Mercury Retrograde" (Magnatude Records)

March 13, 2007:
Alex Skolnick Trio
Alex Skolnick Trio (Magnatude Records) - more

February 20, 2007:
Tishamingo - The Point (Magnatude Records) - more

January 30, 2007:
Khallice - The Journey (Magna Carta Records) - more

January 16, 2007:
Age Of Nemesis
Age Of Nemesis - Terra Incognita (Magna Carta Records) - more

September 26, 2006:
Oz Noy
Oz Noy - Oz Live (Magnatude Records) - more

September 12, 2006:
Anthropia - The Ereyn Chronicles, Part 1 (Magna Carta Records) - more

August 15, 2006:
Drum Nation 3
Drum Nation Volume 3 (Magna Carta Records) - more

August 1, 2006:
Billy Sheehan
Billy Sheehan Prime Cuts (Magna Carta Records) - more

July 18, 2006:
Ozric Tentacles
Ozric Tentacles - The Floor's Too Far Away (Magna Carta Records) - more

May 23, 2006:
Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess Prime Cuts (Magna Carta Records) - more

April 4, 2006:
Robert Berry
Robert Berry Prime Cuts (Magna Carta Records) - more

February 21, 2006:
"The Double-Cross" (Magna Carta Records)- more

January 10, 2006:
Age Of Nemesis
"Psychogeist" (Magna Carta Records)- more

October 25, 2005:
Organik (Magna Carta Records) - more

August 31, 2005:Robert Walter
Super Heavy Organ (Magnatude Records) - more

August 16, 2005:Totalisti
Slave To None (Magna Carta) - more

August 2, 2005:Dug Pinnick
Emotional Animal (Magna Carta) - more

July, 2005:Royal Hunt
Paper Blood (Magnatude Records) - more

June, 2005:Mike Portnoy
Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) - more

May, 2005:Steve Morse
Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) - more

April, 2005:Oz Noy
HA! (Magnatude Records) - more

April, 2005:Tony Levin
Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) - more

April, 2005:Fareed Haque Group
Cosmic Hug (Magnatude Records) - more

March, 2005:Various Artists (Rush Tribute)
"Subdivisions" (Magna Carta) - more

March, 2005:Various Artists
Drum Nation Volume Two (Magna Carta) - more

February, 2005:Tishamingo
Wear-n-Tear (Magnatude Records) - more

February, 2005:Terry Bozio
Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) - more

Fall, 2004:The Hideous Sun Demons
The Hideous Sun Demons (Magna Carta) - more

Fall, 2004:The Alex Skolnick Trio
Tranformation (Magna Carta) - more

Summer, 2004:Jordan Rudess
Rhythm Of Time (Magna Carta) - more

Summer, 2004:Tempest
15th Anniversary Collection Box Set (Magna Carta) - more

Spring, 2004:The Clinton Administration
Take You Higher: The Songs Of Sly And The Family Stone (Magnatude) - more

March 16, 2004:Ozric Tentacles
Spirals In Hyperspace (Magna Carta) - more

February 24, 2004:Steve Morse
Major Impacts 2 (Magna Carta) - more

January, 13 2004:Modern Drummer Magazine Presents
Drum Nation (Magna Carta) - more

Aug 19, 2003:Robert Walter's 20th Congress
Giving Up The Ghost (Magna Carta) - more

Aug 05, 2003:Stripsearch
Stripsearch (Magna Carta) - more

Jul 08, 2003:David Lee Roth
Diamond Dave (Magna Carta) - more

May 20, 2003:Tempest
Shapeshifter (Magna Carta) - more

May 06, 2003:Niacin
Blood Sweat & Beers (Magna Carta) - more

Apr 22, 2003:The Clinton Administration
One Nation Under a Re-Groove (Magnatude) - more

Sep 24, 2002:Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan
Nine Short Films (Magna Carta) - more

Sep 24, 2002:Andy West with Rama
Rama 1 (Magna Carta) - more

Sep 10, 2002:Jordan Rudess
4NYC (Magna Carta) - more

Sep 10, 2002:Magellan
Hundred Year Flood (Magna Carta) - more

Aug 20, 2002:Explorer's Club
Raising The Mammoth (Magna Carta) - more

Aug 13, 2002:December People
Sounds Like Christmas (Magna Carta) - more

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