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Released Jan 1, 1995

Cairo's highly-touted, self-titled debut album was produced by keyboardist Mark Robertson and co-produced and engineered by drummer Jeff Brockman. Both Robertson and Brockman have had years of experience working with bands in the production and engineering chairs and Brockman has made a further mark for himself as an in-demand video producer. Cairo's entire record was made in the group's state-of-the-art digital studio.

Working non-stop for six months, the members of Cairo have recorded an album with the instrumental firepower of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the intensity of Dream Theater. Not a band with the emphasis on understatement, Cairo makes the most grandiose musical statements heard in years with no concern for what is "cutting edge" or trendy in today's music market. Cairo uses the technology of the '90's with the spirit of the '70's and is proud of their roots in the world of prog rock and symphonic music.

Based out of the San Francisco Bay area ( which has an ever-growing progressive rock scene), Cairo has made a name for itself without anyone having heard a note of their music yet. Because of the incredible word of mouth via prog rock fanzines and computer networks, Cairo has been able to generate genuine interest in their upcoming album.

Setting the tone for their album with the opening cut, "Conception" through the incredible (and destined to be classic) "Ruins At Avalon's Gate", Cairo makes it perfectly clear what they are about. Soaring vocals, wizardly keyboards and ethereal lyrics make Cairo a band that can take listeners to places they have yet to imagine.
Cairo is about to take their place with the greats of progressive rock. Being present at the onset of an important event is a truly memorable experience.

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Catalog # : MA-1081-2
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