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Trent Gardner – vocals, keyboards, trombone
Wayne Gardner – guitars, bass
Joe Franco – drums, orchestral percussion

Special Guests – Hundred Year Flood:
Ian Anderson – flute
Tony Levin – bass
Robert Berry – guitars, bass
George Bellas – guitar
Written & Produced by Trent Gardner

Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521), the Portuguese explorer, was a navigator who sailed upon seas both rough and gentle. A visionary whose courage, determination and appetite for adventure made him a figure of extraordinary importance in world history. One whose work is still recalled with awe and wonder. In fact, his pioneering voyages provided the first positive proof the Earth is round, a highly contested concept in his time.

It is in the explorer's bold spirit that Magellan, the band, travels over similarly changeable musical waters, navigating through the world of progressive rock with the kind of fearlessness their namesake possessed, leading them to map out topographies of sound which challenge our existing musical concepts with a drive and determination that would surely make the old sailor quite proud.

Magellan's latest is Hundred Year Flood, a lush and satisfying record dealing with themes of loss and strength, and more specifically, the death of Gardner's brother in Vietnam. A number of luminary special guests including Tony Levin and Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson appear on the disc as well. Magellan's previous releases on Magna Carta include Hour of Restoration (1991), Impending Ascension (1994), and Test of Wills (1997). Hundred Year Flood was released in September 2002, and is in stores now – or, order direct from Magna Carta!

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Hundred Year Flood

Catalog # : MA-9045-2
Price : $16.98

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