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  Steve Morse - Major Impacts 2

Steve Morse Band
Major Impacts 2
Catalog #: MA-9070-2

Price: $16.98


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Major Impacts 2

01 Wooden Music

02 Where are you?

03 Errol Smith

04 Cool Wind, Green Hills

05 Organically Grown

06 12 strings on Carnaby St.

07 Zig Zags

08 Abracadab

09 Tri County Barn Dance

10 Air on a 6 String

11 Motor City Spirit

12 Ghost of the Bayou

13 Leonard's Best

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  •   dividing line   STEVE MORSE BAND:
    Major Impacts 2
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    Coming in January, 2004

    Steve Morse: guitars, keyboard, various extraneous instruments
    Dave LaRue: All bass guitars.
    Van Romain: All drums and percussion.

    Track Listing/Impact:
    Title: Wooden MusicImpact: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    Title: Where are you?Impact: The Who
    Title: Errol SmithImpact: Aerosmith
    Title: Cool Wind, Green Hills Impact: Celtic Ballad
    Title: Organically GrownImpact: Emerson Lake & Palmer
    Title: 12 strings on Carnaby St.Impact: The Yardbirds, Brit Pop
    Title: Zig ZagsImpact: ZZ Top
    Title: AbracadabImpact: Genesis
    Title: Tri County Barn DanceImpact: Country/Bluegrass
    Title: Air on a 6 StringImpact: Bach
    Title: Motor City SpiritImpact: Spirit, Purple, Nugent
    Title: Ghost of the BayouImpact: Cajun
    Title: Leonard's BestImpact: Lynyrd Skynyrd

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