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RAISING THE MAMMOTH (released Aug 20, 2002)

01 – Raising the Mammoth 1 (part 1): Passage to Paralysis (mp3 or realaudio)
02 – Raising the Mammoth 1 (part 2): Broad Decay (mp3 or realaudio)
03 – Raising the Mammoth 1 (part 3): Vertebrates (mp3 or realaudio)
04 – Raising the Mammoth 2 (AKA Prog-O-Matic) 1) Gigantipithicus (mp3 or realaudio)

AGE OF IMPACT (released Jul 28, 1998)

01 – Fate Speaks (mp3 or realaudio)
02 – Fading Fast (mp3 or realaudio)
03 – No Returning (mp3 or realaudio)
04 – Time Enough (mp3 or realaudio)
05 – Last Call (mp3 or realaudio)

Raising the Mammoth and Age of Impact are in stores now, or you can order direct from Magna Carta!

The Idiot King

Attention Deficit