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Royal Hunt
Paper Blood
Catalog #: MA-9080-2



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Royal Hunt Paper Blood

01 Break Your Chains

02 Not My Kind

03 Memory Lane

04 Never Give Up

05 Seven Days

06 SK 983

07 Kiss Of Faith

08 Paper Blood

09 Season’s Change

10 Twice Around The World

Bonus Tracks

11 Edge Of The World

12 Game Of Fear
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Royal Hunt
Paper Blood

US version will have 2 previously unavailable tracks as a bonus

Royal Hunt is:
André Andersen (keyboards)
Kenneth Olsen (drummer)
John West (vocals)
Marcus Jidell (guitars)

For the past 14 years Royal Hunt have been perfecting their mix of heavy metal and classical music. In 1991 bandleader Andre Anderson, originally from Moscow, joined up in Denmark with drummer Kenneth Olson. The first Royal Hunt album was basic rock featuring Andre's classically influenced melodies. For the next album they took a much more progressive approach with even more classical-sounding melodies than its predecessor.

Over the course of 8 studio albums and 2 live collections Andre’s songwriting has matured, intertwining heavy metal and classical to a point where the two forms become nearly inseparable. The success that the group had with this synthesis, combined with strong writing and arrangements and just plain solid musicianship, are what makes Royal Hunt one of the best examples of the Progressive Metal genre. Looking for comparisons, you might hear things that remind you of such bands as Deep Purple and Queensrÿche. If you are a fan of progressive metal, particularly the neo-classical variety, you need to check out Royal Hunt.

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