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Robert Berry is a greatly respected veteran of progressive rock, who struck gold in 1988 as the frontman for 3, with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer. He has been instrumental in the success of Magna Carta's series of tribute albums, and has contributed his producing and/or performing talents to a number of critically-acclaimed Magna Carta recordings and artists including Magellan's Hundred Year Flood, Altura's Mercy, The December People's Sounds Like Christmas and all of the Tempest albums on Magna Carta. One release that's gaining particular notice is A Soundtrack for 'The Wheel of Time', written, produced, and recorded by Robert Berry.

The Wheel of Time is one of the most successful, longest running and most closely followed series of fantasy novels in the entire genre. Author Robert Jordan's brilliantly-written saga has legions of avid fans throughout the world. Since 1990, these lush tales have been high atop the New York Times Best Sellers list.  Described as a modern-day Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings), Jordan has created a universe inhabited by wildly imaginative characters and mythical creatures.

A Soundtrack for 'The Wheel of Time' is designed not only to be the perfect musical accompaniment for the books but also to stand alone as a great listening experience. Robert Berry has created a musical environment which reflects the drama and action found in the words of Robert Jordan. Berry has taken a musical path that suits the style of books so well that it becomes hard to imagine any other approach but this one.

Making the musical comparison of Robert Berry's A Soundtrack for 'The Wheel of Time' to a type of "Celtic Pink Floyd," early listeners and fans of the books were thrilled with the manner in which the music delivered the cinematic images described in the books of Robert Jordan. Contributing to the continuity of The Wheel of Time series of books is the CD's cover art, which was painted by renowned fantasy artist Darrell K. Sweet. Sweet's paintings have graced the covers of all nine of The Wheel of Time books and it was only fitting that he created a new cover for the CD.

A Soundtrack to 'The Wheel of Time' is officially authorized by Robert Jordan.  "Music has always been an integral part of my writing," says Jordan.  "Not only do I write to music, but I think of my writing in terms of music. The words must flow in certain rhythms, and the story has its own rhythms. In a way, it's like orchestrating the characters."