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Ozric Tentacles - Spirals In Hyperspace

Ozric Tentacles
Spirals In Hyperspace
Catalog #: MA-9067

Price: $15.98


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Spirals In Hyperspace

01 Chewier

02 Spirals in Hyperspace

03 Slinky

04 Toka Tola

05 Plasmoid

06 Oakum

07 Akasha

08 Psychic Chasm

09 Zoemetra

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Spirals In Hyperspace
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Coming in March, 2004

Brand new album, 9 tracks and over 60 minutes of music.

2) Spirals in Hyperspace
3) Slinky
4) Toka Tola
5) Plasmoid
6) Oakum
7) Akasha
8) Psychic Chasm B9) Zoemetra

Performing on the album:
Ed Wynne- Guitar, Keyboards, programming, all tracks
Stuart Fisher- Drums on “Chewier”, “Oakum” & “Zoemetra”
Merv Pepler- Drums and programming on “Psychic Chasm”
John Egan- Ney, Blul, Duduk & Silver flute on “Oakum” & “Zoemetra”
Seaweed- Synths & Bubbles on “Oakum”
Zia Geelani- Bass on “Oakum”
Steve Hillage- Guitar & Miquette Giraudi- Synths, on “Akasha”
Brandi Wynne- Bass on “Chewier”, spikes on “Plasmiod”

Check for more info on the Ozric Tentacles fansite, fully endorsed by the band:

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