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The Double-Cross
Catalog #MA-9083-2



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The Double-Cross

01 Captain Kid

02 Slippery Slide

03 Hangman

04 Black Eddy

05 Whoever You Are

06 Vision Quest

07 Per Spelmann

08 Cabar Feidh

09 Eppy Moray

10 Wizard's Walk


The Double-Cross
Magna Carta Records MA-9083-2
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Includes the Bonus Video: “In The Studio With Tempest”

LIEF SORBYE – lead vocals, mandolins,octave mandolas, harmonica, flute,
bodhran, tambourine
MICHAEL MULLEN – fiddle, viola, harmony vocals
RONAN CARROLL – guitars, harmony vocals
ARIANE CAP – bass, harmony vocals

With special guests:
ROBERT BERRY – keyboards

Wicked Tinkers:
AARON SHAW – bagpipes
KEITH JONES – snare drum, djembe
JAY ATWOOD – didgeridoo

Produced and engineered by Robert Berry at Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California

Front cover painting, Stormy Seas, by Andy Simmons

1) CAPTAIN KIDD (Sorbye/Reynolds)
"This song is our third in a series about infamous Pirates."

"I composed this tune sometime in the Winter of 1993-1994 on my "Frankencaster": A cheap electric guitar and a lot of volume can go a long way. I always thought it would make a good Tempest tune. –Michael

3) HANGMAN (Sorbye/Trad.)
" A song about the gallows, based on the traditional lyric "The Prickly Bush,” set to new music"

Black Eddy (Sorbye)
Peterson’s Pipe March (Sorbye)
The Tater Polka (Sorbye)
Sakijarven Polka (Trad.)

"The first tune in this medley was written in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, where we left our (t)rusty old touring van behind in a green cow pasture overlooking the Delaware River. The second tune is for my old Peterson tobacco//pipe from Dublin, Ireland. The Tater Polka is one of the first dance tunes I ever wrote.//Taters are the gypsies of Norway. The last tune is from Finland. It was my favorite when I played on the streets of Europe – it always brought in the coin…" -Lief

5) WHOEVER YOU ARE (Sorbye/Reynolds)
"Just like Dorothy, what you need most is with you all the time."

6) VISION QUEST (Cap/Wein)
Written on a dark winter night by Ariane and Wolf. Faced with an old problem, we stumble on unexpected inner resources letting music lead the way…

7) PER SPELMANN (Sorbye/Trad.)
A well known traditional Folk Song from Norway, with additional new music by Lief.
The story of Per the musician who had only one cow. One day he traded that cow for a fiddle, and when he played that fiddle, the boys danced, and the girls cried.

8) CABAR FEIDH (Trad.)
"Two Highland Pipe Tunes, Cabar Feidh and The Haughs Of Cromdale. Taught to us by our good friends The Wicked Tinkers, who joined us in the//studio for this high energy rendition."

9) EPPY MORAY (Trad.)
A Scottish song about a pre-arranged marriage turned upside-down.

10) WIZARD’S WALK Tam Lin (Trad.)
Wizard’s Walk (Ungar)
Boffyflow And Spike (Morrison)
Jenny Dang The Weaver (Trad.)

Michael put together this eclectic medley of tunes — it even includes parts of Bach’s Double Violin Concert in D! The set is fast becoming a live favorite.

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