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enchant - tr. v. to bewitch or arouse to ecstatic admiration via song or incantation

The band Enchant aspires to great heights, for their music to charm and bewitch each listener. Their first release, A Blueprint Of The World, was first released throughout most of the world in June 1994 but has only recently been released in the United States on the Magna Carta label. After receiving great press and solid sales throughout Europe and Japan, Enchant toured overseas winning fans with their version of progressive rock for the '90s.

Challenging and technically intriguing music played with muscle and authority is an apt description of this San Francisco area band's style. With apparent influences from bands such as Dream Theater, Rush, Kansas, Queensryche and Marillion (in fact, Steve Rothery from Marillion produced many of the cuts on the album), Enchant still generates its own distinct sound. Having played together for more than 7 years, the members have a musical familiarity with one another which is very obvious upon hearing any of the cuts from this fine debut album.

The band reluctantly refers to themselves as a progressive rock band. The reluctance is owing to the fact, especially with music, to label is often to limit; it is all too easy to get pigeon-holed as being a certain style. While their primary influences are progressive rock bands, the word progressive signifies to Enchant, more of an approach to music rather than a recipe for a particular sound. Enchant doesn't want to get locked into any such formula, they feel their growth and exploration is imperative. Enchant writes music they personally get challenged and excited about. What does this mean for you, the listener? You can be assured the music is authentic. It is not the result of trying to forecast what others want to hear, and tailoring their approach along those lines. Enchant's music in not contrived or dishonest – it is very much from the heart. One listen and you'll agree.

Enchant's latest CD is Wounded, released by Magna Carta in 1997. Their debut A Blueprint of the World, released in 1995, is also available. Click here to order direct from Magna Carta!


A Blueprint Of The World (1995)